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Media Excel is comprised of a world-class engineering team, with multiple Ph.D.s in compression technologies that develops some of the leading solutions for video compression, digital signal processing, and hardware/software design. The team, collectively, has more than 150 years of experience specifically focused on the development of digital media industry products, including several world-first deployments. Media Excel’s HERO product line has the solution for all your video encoding and transcoding needs.

For Multiscreen solutions,

look to HERO LIVE, a multi-channel, multi-format solution for encoding and transcoding services for multi-screen delivery; HERO FILE, a solution for transcoding all file formats for multi-screen delivery; HERO EVENT, a multi-channel, multi-rate compact and portable field encoder; HERO CLOUD, a multi-channel, multi-format software solution serving as a virtual transcoder for both Live and VoD services.

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For Contribution and Point-to-Point solutions,

the HERO product line includes HERO CONTRIBUTION, HEVC-ready multi-format encoders and decoders; HERO INTELLIGENCE, a multi-channel, multi-rate compact and portable field encoder designed specifically for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations; HERO 4K, an HEVC encoder for high performance Ultra HD Live and File workflows.