Crosspoint leverages its multimedia solutions through Ooyala and Konodrac

Published at 05/09/2017 by Redactor on News

After exploring the best solutions in the multimedia sector and with the firm intention of positioning itself in the market of OTT, Crossspoint incorporates the renowned Ooyala and Konodrac to its portfolio. This way it will solve the most demanding requirements of  current and future customers, relative to the creation, distribution and monetization of content, as well as analytics and "Big Data".

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Ooyala was founded in 2007 by 3 former Google people for the purpose of launching a Video Specialized Data Company. In 2014 it was acquired by Australia's Telstra, the tenth telecommunications company in the world. It currently has more than 450 employees, offices in more than 10 cities across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania; and a base of more than 400 clients including Sky, RTL, Mediaset, StarHub or itv studios.

Ooyala has the most advanced solutions in content creation, including workflow orchestration, MAM, syndication and ingestion; (OTT, OVP, Player, Apps, Personalization, Analytics, Live, AVOD, SVOD, CDN, Coding, Transcoding, CDN, DRM ...) and finally the whole monetization part.


Although the Ooyala platform proves to be the most comprehensive OTT solution in the market, being scalable also allows to offer the module more suitable to each specific need. This way, Ooyala Live is the solution dedicated to direct streaming. Ooyala Flex is the tool in charge of orchestrating workflows and managing the media. Ooyala Backlot module manages the protection of rights and the transcoding, publication and reproduction of contents. Ooyala Pulse allows you to monetize the media based on the contracted advertising campaigns, incorporating all the logic of broadcasting these advertising cuts. Finally, Ooyala IQ analyzes the media prior to its publication and records all possible incidents that may exist.

On the other hand, Crosspoint incorporates the SaaS 360AudienceFlow solution from Konodrac, the audience management system for directing digital transformation into the media sector, into its innovative offering. This solution offers three key objectives: to be relevant to the viewer, to increase the profitability for the advertiser and finally to improve the business thanks to the decision making based on data.

Based in Barcelona, ​​Konodrac was created in 2012 by Jordi Gilabert, a prestigious founder of other medium-sized technology companies such as VECTOR3, RTZ and Activa Software, who merged his solid experience in this field with his deep knowledge of "Big Data ". Konodrac is currently controlling more than 2 million devices in Spain. With clients in other sectors such as the Barcelona and San Francisco fairs, banking, insurance or consultancy, RTVE, TV3, CCMA, XAL, Betevé, Catalonia or Cellnex Telecom.

360AudienceFlow is the only transverse monitoring solution (DTT + social networks + OTT) that offers from real-time panels to customizable periodic reports with processed information to be of maximum use in decision making. With geolocated precision and socio-economic details.


Thanks to its multiplatform identity management (SSO and Social Login), it allows exclusively the connection of the TV with the mobile to be able to send personalized communications to the user to both the SmartTV and his personal mobile. Additionally, its powerful integrated recommendation engine is the only one that detects and satisfies the interests of users in social networks and allows to incorporate editorial criteria in the algorithm among other services of high competitive level.

Also, Crosspoint has different agreements with Front-End developers that will allow to offer the most complete and integrated solutions depending on the scope of the client and the requirements of each project.

With these new additions Crosspoint makes a solid commitment to consolidate in the new multimedia ecosystem without abandoning, of course, its permanent commitment to the broadcast. In this sense, it will continue to advise, market and provide technical service of its usual brands (Grass Valley, Riedel, Embrionix, BFE, Jünger, Shotoku ...) and presenting the most innovative solutions in environments such as production, infrastructure, or communications.

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