Intelligent transport with Mediornet (Riedel) in XAL

Published at 15/11/2012 by Redactor on Case studies

Crosspoint provides a Riedel MediorNet system to the XAL for the unification of its TV and radio facilities.

As a distributor of Riedel CommunicationsCrosspoint just delivered to the XAL (Local Audiovisual Network) system consists of two nodes MediorNet Family Compact to transport and process video, audio and data signals over fiber optic cable between buildings television (XTVL ) and radio (La Xarxa). The XAL is a structure of the Barcelona Provincial Council offered through XTVL, content and services to Catalan local television. The XAL be integrated soon in La Xarxa, the new provincial body multimedia platform designed to support local television and radio stations in Catalonia. In anticipation of this integration, La Xarxa has to date only one dimension radio.



MediorNet Compact is the new product of Riedel MediorNet that offers an economical solution for distribution and signal processing. It is the first XXI century system based on fiber that provides the flexibility of a network real-time multimedia signal processing in addition to the cost uncompressed multiplexing products comparable to point to point.


Thanks the bandwidth of 50 Gbit / s the MediorNet Compact provides enough capacity to transport bidirectionally up to 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or Gbit Ethernet signals and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports - ideal for updating the infrastructure of any mobile application, in studios or live events.

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