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Published on 2012

Intelligent transport with Mediornet (Riedel) in XAL

Published at 15/11/2012 by Redactor on Case studies

Crosspoint provides a Riedel MediorNet system to the XAL for the unification of its TV and radio facilities.

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Miranda in the new channel Canal+ Liga de Campeones HD

Published at 18/09/2012 by Redactor on Case studies

As Miranda Technologies official distributor for Spain, CROSSPOiNT has supplied modular different material (converters, processors ...) and one HD/SD master control and branding processor with advanced audio processing for the new premium channel.

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Axión bets on the Kaleido-IP for their nodal center in Seville

Published at 16/03/2012 by Redactor on Case studies

Miranda Technologies, via their spanish distributor CROSSPOiNT, has just supplied one Kaleido-IP to Axión for their new project, which involves the monitoring of the broadcasted signal return into their internal over-IP video network. It is done from their headquarter in Valencina de la Concepción (Seville).

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CROSSPOiNT awards the multichannel MCR tender from TVV

Published at 13/01/2012 by Redactor on Case studies

As multichannel tender awarded recently resolved by the Valencian regional television (TVV), CROSSPOiNT has just delivered all the Miranda Technologies equipment.

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