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Rascular Technology



We make software that puts you in control of your broadcast enviroment. 

Rascular is a UK-based broadcast software company. We specialise in the development of broadcast software control technology for third-party hardware playout devices. This allows broadcasters to benefit from the use of best-of-breed hardware playout devices from a range of manufacturers yet be able to control set-up and on-air functionality remotely from a single screen.

Over the past ten years we’ve evolved our solutions to provide advanced, easy-to-use device control from pre-defined or user-defined soft control panels. Our technology is used by over 150 broadcasters globally including Discovery Communications Europe,BSkyB, Red Bee Media, M-Net, Sky Italia and ARD.




Helm is broadcast software provider Rascular’s flagship product. It’s a unique, highly sophisticated yet elegant solution to the growing problem that broadcast operations staff face: being able to easily and quickly control a wide range of best-of-breed equipment from a diverse set of manufacturers in an on-air environment. 



Mediant is the market-leading media management system for Miranda Technologies' Imagestore range of branding devices. It’s a PC application that allows users to move graphic files easily and quickly from wherever the creative graphics department has stored them to an Imagestore.



Commander is a software-based set-up and control tool that gives broadcasters easy and complete access to all the functionality of Miranda Imagestores. With Commander, there’s no need to visit the machine room to fix problems. Settings can be quickly changed and problems resolved via any Windows computer from a powerful and intuitive user interface.



ET-Updater solves the problem of delivering text to Miranda Imagestore Easytext systems in on-air environments. It monitors text files in the local PC environment, and then transfers the content to Imagestores via TCP/IP for broadcast.

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