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Information: is a Social Television platform for TV producers and broadcasters. provides the middleware required to engage audiences, enable interaction and drive participation with a broadcast. Irrespective of your focus, be it a broadcaster, producer or advertising agency, the Interactivity Suite is the framework you need to enable end-to-end Social TV, Synchronized Companion Apps and Participation TV. Now broadcasters and production companies can focus on driving the content and story – without worrying about the technology.

Some of the main features:

  • Connect with your audience in real-time
  • Bridge your Social media strategy – Broadcast to Online & visa-versa
  • Start Interacting on a one to one basis with one to many tools
  • Enhance your data collection capabilities
  • Make Live & pre-recorded content ‘relevant’ with live viewer content
  • Enhance your programming
  • Let the audience influence the play-out
  • Share their comments
  • Vote using mobile/social media/email/etc.... – real-time results
  • Push and Pull content dynamically as events happen (or connected to a schedule)
  • Change content based on majority feedback
  • Increase Sponsor brand values and consumer reach.

In operation since 1999, has a global customer base including top brands such as Al Jazeera, BBC, CBC, ESPN, MBC, Music Choice, QVC, TV 2 Norge, TV 2 Danmark, Univision, ViaSat, and VOA. More information about products is available at

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