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Grass Valley, a Belden brand



Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is one of the world's leading providers of hardware and software solutions for the television broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV industry. Our solutions span the full breadth of television operations, including production, playout, and delivery to subscribers. .

With a wealth of experience in delivering IT-based and traditional television systems, Grass Valley is uniquely positioned to enable broadcasters and pay TV operators to transform their facilities into streamlined and agile operations. Our highly integrated, television systems allow a rapid migration to scalable, multi-format and on-demand workflows. This engineering and workflow transformation can be performed at the pace and scale that suits individual media businesses as they build and improve the critical processes that generate revenue.



  • High performance: standard size and compact
  • Slow-motion, super slow-motion and ultra slow-motion
  • Integrated robotics

Switchers & Integrated production

  • Tradicional concept medium and large size
  • Multipurpose production center


  • Production, Playout and Live Replays
  • Media workflows


  • IP multiviewers
  • Modular multiviewers
  • Standalone multiviewers
  • Compact/mid-size routing
  • Enterprise Class routing
  • Modular routing
  • Router controllers
Integrated playout and automation
  • Graphics playout
  • Hardware options
  • IT-based automated playout
Master control and branding
  • Advanced channel branding
  • Master control and branding
  • Modular branding and keying
Monitoring and control
  • Customizable monitoring systems
  • Loudness monitoring
  • Playout monitoring
  • QoE and network monitoring
  • Remote control panels
Signal processing and distribution
  • Audio conversion and processing
  • Change-Over
  • Compressed media
  • Embedding and de-embedding
  • Frames
  • Probing
  • Synchronization and reference
  • Video conversion and processing
Fiber distribution
  • Camera interfaces
  • Robotic camera interfaces
  • Cable assemblies
  • Fiber optic

Belden cable and connectivity solutions

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